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Tips, advice, and information for South African business owners

13 Aug

How To Afford Star Workers

Small businesses may not be able to pay the same salaries as big corporations, but they can use other strategies to attract and retain top employees.

08 Aug

Enforcing Invalid Contracts

Failing to follow mandatory procurement procedures can render an otherwise lawful contract invalid and unenforceable – and potentially justify compensation.

06 Aug

Why Is Groupon Failing?

Groupon’s fall from grace is an excellent case study in how short-term growth can’t hide a broken business model forever.

01 Aug

Landmark Temporary Employment Ruling

The Constitutional Court has ended a long-standing battle over the “deemed employment” of temporary workers, but the ruling raises even more questions.

24 Jul

Is Cost-Plus Pricing Good Or Bad?

Cost-plus pricing is very appealing because it is simple to understand and intuitively fair. However, it also has some significant drawbacks.