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Tips, advice, and information for South African business owners

24 Oct

Mind The Marketing Gap

Many business owners end up with huge gaps in their marketing because they don’t market enough, don’t market well enough, or (more likely) both.

17 Oct

More Stock, More Tax

By reducing the value of your end of year stock, you can increase your cost of sales and reduce the amount of income tax that your business must pay.

15 Oct

Boost Sales With Endcaps

Endcaps have been proven to boost retail sales by over 300%. Apply the same tactic in your business by tweaking how you present your products or services.

10 Oct

Value vs Price

If you don’t communicate how much your products or services are worth, then you will end up competing on price and making less than you should.

02 Oct

Trading Price For Sales

Many business owners cut prices to grow sales, without appreciating how many more sales are actually needed to offset the profitability impact.