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Tips, advice, and information for South African business owners

01 May

Save More With The ETI

The extension to the Employment Tax Incentive means that small business owners can save money while hiring people to grow their business.

24 Apr

Are Gift Cards Taxable?

While the taxation of gift card sales may appear obvious, there are important factors (including the Consumer Protection Act) that complicate the matter.

22 Apr

Laws Of Attraction

Trying to streamline your recruitment processes is a lot less efficient than simply attracting less of the wrong candidates and more of the right ones.

17 Apr

Beware Grant Funding Hidden Costs

In their eagerness to take advantage of non-repayable grant funding programs, many business owners overlook hidden costs and risks.

10 Apr

Next Generation Finance

Most entrepreneurs aren’t aware that there are many private funders that specialise in SME finance and that are much faster and more flexible than a bank.