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Tips, advice, and information for South African business owners

19 Nov

Why You Need To Fix Your Business Systems

Growing your business is not the only way to grow the wealth that it can create for you. With sensible systems, you can increase the value of your business.

14 Nov

Pricing Right

Cutting prices in response to low cost competitors won’t just hurt your profitability, it can also distract from lucrative growth opportunities.

07 Nov

The Key To Closing More Sales

If you’re struggling to convert leads into sales, then it’s probably because you aren’t giving people the right reasons to buy from you.

05 Nov

50% Growth In 2 Months

Growing your business doesn’t have to take very long or be very complicated. Sometimes small changes can provide a dramatic boost.

31 Oct

The Marketing Mirror

If you want to improve your marketing, then you need to focus on what your customers care about so that they pay attention to what you have to offer.