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31 Jan

Business Legislation In 2018

South African business owners shouldn’t be disrupted by too much new legislation in 2018 apart from the Protection of Personal Information Act.

24 Jan

Harder, Smarter, Or Simpler?

“Work smarter, not harder” is bad business advice. Sometimes it’s better to change what you’re working towards instead of how you get there.

13 Dec

The Good News – 2017 Edition

While doom and gloom may have dominated media headlines and social networks, there was plenty of good news to celebrate during 2017.

06 Dec

Happy Anniversary

Anniversaries and milestones are cause for celebration and an opportunity to reflect on the daily habits that fuel long-term success.

08 Nov

Do Or Die

Access to finance is not the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs; building a sustainable business that doesn’t rely on outside funding is.