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03 Dec

Dealing With Constantly Feeling Overwhelmed

Unlike regular employees, the entrepreneur’s in-box will never get to “empty”. Our natural tendency – if we don’t catch it – is to work harder, put in more hours and, ultimately, sacrifice our health, relationships and other responsibilities important to a fulfilling life. Pulling an all-nighter for a critical project deadline once every few months could be sustainable, but when it’s the norm to burn the candle at both ends, our performance will start to suffer. The results of feeling permanently overwhelmed include mental slowness, forgetfulness, confusion, impaired problem solving, sleep disorders, and poor emotional self-regulation that can even lead to violence. And…

10 Jun

Fixing Financial Literacy

South African business owners are suffering from a lack of financial literacy that can be easily fixed with a little effort.

31 Jan

Business Legislation In 2018

South African business owners shouldn’t be disrupted by too much new legislation in 2018 apart from the Protection of Personal Information Act.

24 Jan

Harder, Smarter, Or Simpler?

“Work smarter, not harder” is bad business advice. Sometimes it’s better to change what you’re working towards instead of how you get there.

13 Dec

The Good News – 2017 Edition

While doom and gloom may have dominated media headlines and social networks, there was plenty of good news to celebrate during 2017.