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Archive | Legislation and tax

08 May

Beware Taxable Transport Benefits

Business owners who help their employees with transport can avoid taxable benefit headaches by planning their assistance carefully.

01 May

Save More With The ETI

The extension to the Employment Tax Incentive means that small business owners can save money while hiring people to grow their business.

24 Apr

Are Gift Cards Taxable?

While the taxation of gift card sales may appear obvious, there are important factors (including the Consumer Protection Act) that complicate the matter.

13 Mar

Updating The Small Claims Court

While the claims limit for the Small Claims Court was recently raised, the entire system should be overhauled to support small business development.

14 Jan

Avoiding Public Liability

Claiming to have taken all reasonable precautions is a common defence against alleged negligence, but do your processes actually stand up to scrutiny?