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Archive | Labour and HR

16 Jan

New Foreign Worker Rules

Draft regulations for the Employment Services Act are a crude attempt at forcing employers to hire locally and risk stifling job creation.

19 Dec

Dismissal Due To Religious Beliefs

Can you dismiss an employee for being absent from work if their absence is due to religious beliefs that prohibit work on certain days or at certain times?

17 Dec

Y.E.S. Or No?

The Youth Employment Service is a fantastic initiative in theory, but the practical execution raises unnecessary barriers to participation.

10 Dec

Can You Ban Political Clothing At Work?

Any ban on political expression at work has to be handled carefully to avoid breaching an employee’s right to freedom of speech and association.

03 Dec

National Minimum Wage & Parental Leave

While the national minimum wage is unlikely to severely impact many small businesses, the new extended parental leave rules could prove very disruptive.