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Archive | Labour and HR

10 Dec

Can You Ban Political Clothing At Work?

Any ban on political expression at work has to be handled carefully to avoid breaching an employee’s right to freedom of speech and association.

03 Dec

National Minimum Wage & Parental Leave

While the national minimum wage is unlikely to severely impact many small businesses, the new extended parental leave rules could prove very disruptive.

21 Nov

Neither Full, Nor Final

Full and final settlement agreements can backfire horribly and end up costing you a lot of money if they aren’t implemented properly.

13 Aug

How To Afford Star Workers

Small businesses may not be able to pay the same salaries as big corporations, but they can use other strategies to attract and retain top employees.

01 Aug

Landmark Temporary Employment Ruling

The Constitutional Court has ended a long-standing battle over the “deemed employment” of temporary workers, but the ruling raises even more questions.