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Archive | Economy and finance

09 Aug

Debt & Small Business Funding

Many business owners don’t manage their capital structure properly, and this can affect their ability to borrow money to continue growing.

17 Apr

Beware Grant Funding Hidden Costs

In their eagerness to take advantage of non-repayable grant funding programs, many business owners overlook hidden costs and risks.

10 Apr

Next Generation Finance

Most entrepreneurs aren’t aware that there are many private funders that specialise in SME finance and that are much faster and more flexible than a bank.

20 Mar

Cash Matters

Don’t rely on growing sales and cutting costs to free up cash – there are dozens of other tactics for creating and saving more money.

11 Mar

Re-Inventing The Wheel Can Save Costs

Business owners can use zero-base budgeting to save more money since traditional or baseline budgeting will eventually lead to bloated costs.