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23 Jul

Blockbuster Marketing

How do you market a product that has no functional value, yet still costs millions of dollars to produce?

Answer: by highlighting the emotional benefits.

The film industry is a perfect example. Movies serve no utilitarian purpose whatsoever, but that doesn’t limit their commercial potential. Last year, the top ten box office successes raked in over $3.8 billion. (That’s more than the GDP of several dozen countries!)

The key to marketing any movie, regardless of genre or budget, is the same: create anticipation. And this is perfectly reflected in the form and structure of movie trailers.

When was the last time you saw a trailer where the director dryly explained what the movie was about? How about a trailer boasting about the innovative technology used in the production? Or the effort and expense that went into making the film? Or the credentials of the production team?

Obviously trailers don’t focus on these details because cinemagoers don’t care about them. Nobody watches a movie because it cost a lot of money to make or because it involved newfangled technology. We watch movies to be moved, and the purpose of a trailer is to elicit the thrill, wonder, joy, or fear that we crave. Effective trailers get us laughing out loud, bring tears to our eyes, and send chills down our spine.

It’s this emotional response that overrides our logic circuitry and prompts us to reach for our wallet. We never stop to consider that we’re about to spend our hard-earned cash on something that isn’t even real.

Why should your marketing be any different?

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