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Tips, advice, and information for South African business owners

10 Feb

Unlocking Hidden Cash For Funding

By managing their invested capital better, small business owners can free up cash that can be used to raise additional growth funding.

05 Feb

Gifts That Keep On Giving

Your customers are more likely to make more purchases and spend more money if you encourage them to buy your product or service as a gift for others.

28 Jan

Structure Follows Strategy

One of the most common small business growth constraints is when their structure does not keep up with their growth strategy over time.

24 Jan

Unicorn Shadow (The Dark Side)

Scaling a business as rapidly as possible and at all costs is often more damaging in the long run than prioritising sustainable growth.

24 Jan

Starting The Impossible Task

Business owners can conquer seemingly impossible tasks by deconstructing them into bite-sized chunks and cultivating micro habits that build momentum.