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Archive | Economy and finance

05 Sep

The Cash Flow Gap

Reducing the gap between operating cash outflows and cash inflows is an important priority for any business owner who wants to grow.

24 Jul

Is Cost-Plus Pricing Good Or Bad?

Cost-plus pricing is very appealing because it is simple to understand and intuitively fair. However, it also has some significant drawbacks.

18 Jun

How Should You Pay Yourself?

Salaries, dividends, and shareholder loans all have different tax implications, but it’s important to consider the impact on your company’s value as well.

21 Feb

The Economy In 2018

Small business owners will be forced to fend for themselves since it is clear from the 2018 national budget speech that SME development is not a priority.

06 Sep

More Big Lies For Small Business

The lack of support for Small Business Friday from government, big business, and the banking industry is damning evidence of their hypocrisy.