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Tips, advice, and information for South African business owners

18 Oct

The Scope of Incapacity

Incapacity isn’t limited to injury or illness. It can include “problem employees” who don’t “fit in” or who can’t perform their responsibilities.

11 Oct

Is Bigger Really Better?

Business owners should worry less about trying to maximise their market reach, and focus more on optimising their market value.

04 Oct

Raising the B-BBEE Stakes

More and more procurement, funding, and licensing opportunities are being linked to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment compliance.

20 Sep

Problem Employees

There is nothing inherently illegal about dismissing an employee with a bad attitude, or similarly disruptive traits, on the grounds of incompatibility.

13 Sep

Up To Standard

You can’t expect your employees to perform “to standard” if those standards haven’t been explicitly defined and clearly communicated.